Medi Works Deals with a wide range of research products. Medi Works has oriented its products and services entirely to confirm with the specific needs and procedures of our customers be it in Hospitals, in private practice or Nursing care.

Research Products

At ADInstruments we create simple, flexible tools to help scientists and educators record and analyze data quickly and efficiently.
Powerful, flexible and accurate, our products are cited in more than 30,000 research papers in peer-reviewed journals and our equipment is the preferred choice for thousands of scientists and educators around the world.
Founded on innovation and operating with an entrepreneurial flair, Oxford Optronix is a global pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of sophisticated instrumentation for the life sciences.
Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in-house by experienced scientists, engineers and technicians with R&D backgrounds. Headquartered at purpose-built facilities near Oxford, UK, we are a privately held, self-financed company.