Welcome To The Medi Works Corporate Website…

Medi Works is a leading distributor and profitable company focused on manufacturing and distributing a wide range of surgical and medical hospital instruments. Medi Works supplies health care products and services all over the India and ensure better quality, fast delivery and consumer friendly environment.

Medi Works is committed to give you the best personalized service you deserve. We have been serving the medical industry with the finest in surgical & medical instrumentation of all kinds from past several decades.
The president of Medi Works, Late Mr. Manil Sabharwal, brings with him a lifetime of experience and expertise about the world of surgical instruments. This perception permits him to comprehend with the needs of customers better and respond to them in a way that other instrument companies forbid.

When you buy from Medi Works, you are assured of the best quality support. Not only in finding the best instruments, but also getting the best services as well. If you ever face any challenges, we’re here to help you. It will be our pleasure to give you the support you deserve.

Our aim is to provide complete surgical and medical equipment up to your satisfaction. You can count upon us and we assure to never let you down. Because for us CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is the criteria to win.


We share a very close relationship with the strength of our company and keeps regular contacts and strong rapport with our prestigious clients. We have always focused on the institutional business in Northern India. The built of the company and our credibility stands apart from the rest. We continuously work hard to ensure that our customers get THE BEST SOLUTION to their problems from us.

Employee Strength

Employees here are committed enough to deliver highest standards of excellence, integrity and professionalism.

Core Value

Collegiality Compassion Excellence Integrity Learning and teaching Professionalism Respect Social Responsibility.
Customers service standards that exceed expectations and retain our customers. Committed to provide best products that ensure exceptional performance and value. Innovative product service that ensures exceptional performance and value for money Creating a workplace where employees dedicatedly strive towards achieving desired goals in a team environment Support technology that reduces the supply chain costs and enhances customer and supplier relationship. Actively support communities where we operate.
You cannot take chances when it comes to critical hospital equipments LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS for that.

Our Guarantee

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We understand that many risks are associated with outsourcing critical components. That is why we provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction –period! Our reputation in the market has been calculated on social performances. Most of the new business we get is generated by referrals of existing customers. Our goal is to provide total satisfaction which ultimately keeps our customers committed to us.

Board of Directors

Late Mr. Manil Sabharwal says Medi Works is to promote the long term value and health of the company and set an ethical tone at the top to this end. The board provides management with strategic guidance and also ensures that management adopts and implements procedures designed to promote the highest standards of honesty, integrity and ethics throughout the organization. Medi Works purpose is to enhance the lives of patient, physician and hospital fiscals well-being by contributing over extensive business experience which us to raise the bar on the provision of quality healthcare when it is perceived to the relation of hospitals. Medi Works is committed to provide profitability to the company and its customer through its improved products and services. Continually improving the process, procedures and personal skills, thereby improving the overall operations of the concerned while concentrating on sustaining customer’s royalty and satisfaction levels. It has been constant endeavor and commitment of Medi Works to keep its customers satisfied with the product quality, reliability and price competitiveness in the market providing an edge over others. The extra edge of manufacturers which is made possible due to the company’s continual policy of making objectives to develop solution that make a difference to the community’s organizations and bottom lines. Everyone wins when the patients are better served.